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Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements for Men 2017

This is our official list of the best pre workout supplements in 2017

Have you been searching for the latest and greatest pre workout supplement to use in 2017? Then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve analysed many pre workout supplements and have complied our top 10. All supplements have a proven track record so you can rest assured plenty of other gym goers and bodybuilders agree. Each of the pre-workouts we list have been tested and do deliver better workouts and overall increased results at the gym. We have reviewed countless entries and have analysed the results and self tested amongst ourselves to create the ultimate top 10 pre workout supplement list for Men in 2017! We look at various common ingredients, from the most popular being caffiene all the way through the range to the less well known ingredients. One test we always like to carry out is the comparion to that of a strong coffee which you’d get in any coffee house or using a coffee machine in the home such as a lavazza compatible pods machine.

Starting with #1

The Best Pre Workout Supplements for Men

#1 Cobra Labs Shadow X

Here are some facts about Shadow X

Five calories per serving so basically you can ignore this because you’ll definitely burn those extra kcals in the gym after taking this pre workout supplement! Zero fat, zero protein and one gram of carbs. Now onto the better stuff: vitamin B6 at 450mcg, vitamin B12 at 8mcg and folic acid at 250mcg. Up a level to their Muscle Power Matrix which contains a total of 3.75g consisting of a whopping 2g of beta alanine, 1g of taurine and 750mcg of L-leucine. Next up is their Muscle Pump Fusion blend totalling 2.6g, consisting of 2g of L-citruline and 600mg of betaine anhydrous. Now we have the Cobra Labs Mental Focus Mind Lock blend at 855mg containing 350mg of caffeine anhydrous, L-tyrosine at 500mg and olive leaf extract at 5mg.

Cobra Labs Shadow X is now available in the UK through an online supplement retailer called Supplements2u.