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Quest Bars: Are They Actually Healthy?

Are Quest Bars Actually Healthy?

Quest nutrition bars are one of the most recent trends in the fitness industry that everyone around seems to be talking about. Quest Nutrition claim to be offering around 20g of high-quality protein with low-carbohydrate content and no junk ingredients, the primary question that most of the fitness enthusiasts have is “Are Quest Nutrition Protein Bars really healthy?” In this article, we will help you unravel all that you need about quest bars and whether or not these are beneficial for your body.

What are Quest Bars?

quest nutrition protein bars in box
quest nutrition protein bars in box

Quest Bars or Quest Nutrition Bars are the all-new latest kinds of high-quality proteins out there in the market. Owing to the immense popularity, the Quest Bars are surely living up to the title. The mission as claimed by the Quest Bars is “revolutionizing food & making clean eating tasty and fun”. The thing that started out as just two flavors of high-quality protein bars has now emerged into an assortment of fun-filled 24 exciting flavors ensuring healthy fun & top-notch nutrition at all times.

What is Inside a Quest Protein Bar?

While the overall list of ingredients in a typical Quest Bar might not be too long, the given list does contain some of the ingredients you would expect in a typical protein bar. As per Quest, some of the common and the best healthy ingredients that you would come across in a bar include high-quality protein, palm oil, stevia, sea salt, calcium carbonate, sucralose, erythritol, corn fiber, and gums. Of the given list, some of the ingredients are indeed high-intensity sweeteners. However, the company claims that these are natural sweeteners and do no harm to the body.

What do Nutrition and Dietitian Experts Say About Quest?

There are several leading health and nutrition experts out there who have given valuable feedback with respect to Quest Nutrition Bars. While some might stand against recommending the Quest Bars to their close friends and family members, there are others who find nothing wrong with it.

Are Quest Bars Healthy Alternatives?

With the flavors of Quest Bars that come with nuts and nuts butter including peanut butter and almond butter, you can regard them as healthy alternatives to your hunger cravings. These options are packed with high-quality proteins, carbs, and healthy fats as required for the overall fitness of your body. Moreover, these options of the Quest Nutrition Bars are not filled with any additional fillers, additives or highly processed ingredients.


Though there are several speculations about the Quest Bars in general, these bars do come packed with the essential proteins that fitness enthusiasts require for their body and overall fitness. If you tend to overlook the sweetening flavors of the bar and stick to the healthier ones like peanut, cashew nuts, and almond flavors, you can achieve the desired healthy results. Buy your pack of the healthy Quest Nutrition Bars and satiate your hunger with these fitness-ready diet options.

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Number one position is firmly held by Quest Nutrition with these Quest Nutrition Bars that have been the industry leaders since they were launched. They have and brilliant nutritional profile, taste epic, come in a variety of flavours, are stocked across the world and by many retailers. Prices are competitive, but albeit at the higher end of the market, however, with this comes a superior bar therefore you don’t mind paying a little more.

Top 10 Protein Supplements for 2017

Undoubtedly this is one of the toughest categories to select. One of my personal favourites is from a UK brand called PhD Nutrition or PhD Supplements as they are commonly referred to. From PhD Nutrition is their flagship protein blend named pharma whey ht. Also, NXT Nutrition are one of the latest upincomming brands that really are making a name for themselves. Their NXT Beef Protein is one of their flapship supplements or their protein powder – NXT Nutrition Pure Whey.

Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements for Men 2017

This is our official list of the best pre workout supplements in 2017

Have you been searching for the latest and greatest pre workout supplement to use in 2017? Then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve analysed many pre workout supplements and have complied our top 10. All supplements have a proven track record so you can rest assured plenty of other gym goers and bodybuilders agree. Each of the pre-workouts we list have been tested and do deliver better workouts and overall increased results at the gym. We have reviewed countless entries and have analysed the results and self tested amongst ourselves to create the ultimate top 10 pre workout supplement list for Men in 2017! We look at various common ingredients, from the most popular being caffiene all the way through the range to the less well known ingredients. One test we always like to carry out is the comparion to that of a strong coffee which you’d get in any coffee house or using a coffee machine in the home such as a lavazza compatible pods machine.

Starting with #1

The Best Pre Workout Supplements for Men

#1 Cobra Labs Shadow X

Here are some facts about Shadow X

Five calories per serving so basically you can ignore this because you’ll definitely burn those extra kcals in the gym after taking this pre workout supplement! Zero fat, zero protein and one gram of carbs. Now onto the better stuff: vitamin B6 at 450mcg, vitamin B12 at 8mcg and folic acid at 250mcg. Up a level to their Muscle Power Matrix which contains a total of 3.75g consisting of a whopping 2g of beta alanine, 1g of taurine and 750mcg of L-leucine. Next up is their Muscle Pump Fusion blend totalling 2.6g, consisting of 2g of L-citruline and 600mg of betaine anhydrous. Now we have the Cobra Labs Mental Focus Mind Lock blend at 855mg containing 350mg of caffeine anhydrous, L-tyrosine at 500mg and olive leaf extract at 5mg.

Cobra Labs Shadow X is now available in the UK through an online supplement retailer called Supplements2u.